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Quality Animals; Quality Milk; Quality Products

Terms and Conditions

We will be striving to the best of our ability to provide the highest quality animals that we are capable of. We have spent many hours in time and research to bring into Colorado some of the best breeding lines that we believe there are. We will be pricing animals to the best of our ability based on quality, pedigree and potential. Bucks born that we do not believe to be of breeding quality will be wethered and will be available for a companion goat to your breeding livestock.

We reserve the right to retain any animal of our choosing for our own breeding program.

Magic Apple goats will be bred for dairy correctness and milk potential.

We participated in our first DHIR Milk Test in 2017 where several of our girls earned their *M for milk production. I do also keep barn records for the sake of tracking milk production. These will be accurate and a copy available upon request. Because we offer herd shares to our community we have decided to maintain optimal health and we will not be showing, for now. However, we do participate in ADGA's Linear Appraisal program biannually to evaluate and improve our herd. Each animal in our dairy herd will be judged and scored, comparing it to the ideal dairy goat based on an evaluation by a certified ADGA, Linear Appraisal judge. This ensures both you and me that you are receiving an animal that has been bred for quality.

All of our goats are registered with ADGA. All breeding kids will be registered with ADGA. All kids will be tattooed prior to leaving our farm. All does will have received their CD/T prior to kidding. Kids will be vaccinated for CD/T prior to leaving our care. All animals are wormed on a regular basis including kids. Kids will be wormed also on the day they leave our place.

Deposits will be accepted on kids that are on the ground. They will only be priced once we have seen them and have been able to evaluate their structure. A non refundable deposit of half the sale price will hold you kid of choice for 30 days or until weaned for kids who are still nursing. A non refundable deposit of half the sale price will hold adult animals that have been offered for sale for 30 days . The balance of the sale price must be paid by the end of those 30 days or by the time the kid is weaned. After that a $3.00 per day board fee will be added to the sale price. After 60 days if the final payment has not been received the animal will be put back up for sale and any money paid to Magic Apple toward that animal will be forfeited by the buyer. All Sales are Final.

Special shipping arrangements may be made upon request; additional fees will apply. Please contact us for details. We ship out of Walkerfield Airport in Grand Junction, CO.

We have retested our herd and maintain negative test results on CAE, TB, and Bruccelosis. If any animal were to ever test positive for CAE, TB, Johnnes or Brucellosis it would be removed from our breeding program.

We guarantee our animals will be healthy and reproductively sound at the time of sale. After the animal has left our care we can no longer guarantee the health of said animal. All kids will be dam raised (we believe in the way God intended) and will have had many hours of time spent handling them. It is recommended that you take the kid/goat to your vet within 48 hours of purchase/delivery and have your vet certify health of your purchased animal. A health certificate is available upon request and at the cost to the buyer before purchase if so desired.

A 10% discount will be available to any 4-H'er who is purchasing a goat for their own dairy project. A letter from the county 4-H extension agent stating their participation in a dairy goat project is required to be eligible for the discount.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your animal from Magic Apple as much as we have enjoyed breeding and raising each and every one!!

Cara Anderson