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Quality Animals; Quality Milk; Quality Products

Reference Sires

Dill's RD Spritz *B

DOB: 12/2013

SIRE NC PromisedLand MS River Dance *B

( NC PromisedLand Sharpie Meanstreak x SGCH/MCH NCPromisedlLand Pal Macarena 5*M )

DAM GCH Dill's XM Shimmer 3*M

(MI Sugar Creek TW Tune's XM *S/+*B x GCH/MCH Dill's AC Tranquility 5*D/2*M )

Do you even know how long I've waited to get pics of these girls on my website??? GAH!! A force to be reckoned with... Not much more needs to be said about this lil Spritz than what his pedigree states!! Thank you to Ellen from Dill's for this little guy and the pictures below!

DAM: GCH Dill's XM Shimmer 3*M

Picture Courtesy of Dill's

GDam: SGCH/MCH NCPromisedlLand Pal Macarena 5*M

Picture Courtesy of Dill's

Lost Valley CC Topaz *S

DOB 04-01-11

2012 Linear Appraisal EVV 88

Sire: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns *S

(MCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *S x ARMCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D E AR2153)

Dam: Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D/3*M AR2289

(MCH Lost Valley KW Mercury Rising +*S E x ARMCH Lost Valley KW Fit'n Temptation 2*D)

**Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D (aka Sammy) earned her place on the AGS DHI Top Ten Nigerian Dwarf Awards as a 2 year old [2yr 7mo-19 3/4"-248 DIM-933# milk-59# bf(6.3%)-45# protein(4.4%)] Also, on One Day Tests she placed Top Ten in High Milk, High Butterfat & High Protein** She is also the dam to the 2012 National Ch Junior Doe.

**Not to mention sires dam Callisto being oldest Nigerian doe on one day milk test and placing in top 10 for High Protein & Butterfat in 2010 **

Thrilled can't even begin to describe what I feel when I look at this little boy (even through the fuzz). A Thanks again to Audrey and Amy Kowalik for this little boy and their excellent breeding program that they have at Lost Valley. This boy is long, level, correct, angular, carries width and a pedigree for mammary production. He is bringing in the Kingwood genetics, Mercury Rising and look at these outstanding dams! Topaz is consistently throwing kids that are correct with excellent structure. Topaz scored an 88 on his LA which is one point shy of perfection for a junior buck.

Dam: Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D/3*M

Photos Courtesy of Lost Valley Nigerians

Sires Dam: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D/2*M E

Photos courtesy of Lost Valley Nigerians

NC PromisedLand H Norfolk


2012 Linear Appraisal VEE 88

Sire: NC PromisedLand RC Hoss

(SD: GCH NC PromisedLand Beau-Nanza 2*M x SS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S E90)

Dam: NC PromisedLand RC Virginia

(DD: NC PromisedLand Pal Paris x DS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S E90)

Dam - Courtesy of NC PromisedLand

Sires Dam - Courtesy of NC PromisedLand

Kannah Creek LVD Poncho


2012 Linear Appraisal VVE 87

Sire: Lost Valley MR Dakota *S/*B

(AGS Lost Valley KW Mercury Rising x AGS Lost Valley TB Kylie 3*M)

Dam: Kannah Creek RM Miel

(AGS Rosasharn UMT Monarch*S/*B x AGS Kannah Creek FW Tehya)


Courtesy of Prairie Wood

Sire's Dam

Courtesy of Lost Valley Nigerians

Home-bred Magic Apple Reference Sires

Magic Apple PN Holiday


Sire: NC PromisedLand H Norfolk

(NC PromisedLand RC Hoss x NC Promisedland RC Virginia)

Dam: Magic Apple LVT BlushingGolden

(Lost Valley CC Topaz *S x Bridgeport Farm KCY Pris)

Magic Apple LVT Starkspur

Sire: Lost Valley CC Topaz *S

(Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns *S x Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D/3*M)

Dam: Magic Apple KCP Cleopatra

(Kannah Creek LVD Poncho x ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley ML Callie Ducane 3*D/3*M)