Quality Animals; Quality Milk; Quality Products

We are small farm on the Western Slope of Colorado, dedicate to breeding, raising and milking healthy, top quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats since 2008.  We have our herd Linear Appraised biannually and compare our barn milk records with that of does on DHI and with those who are earning their milking stars.  Eventually, life will allow me to do an official milk test!!

We are located below Redlands Mesa in the High Desert of Hotchkiss, CO.  Because of the lack of rain our place is unable to support pasture, therefore, our animals are fed a beautiful alfalfa/grass hay mix.  Our does receive a locally mixed and contrived grain ration to support body condition while milking, alfalfa pellets and all animals receive mineral supplements to maintain well being.  All goats are on a regular worming and hoof trimming routine, herbal and modern methods combined.  Every single goat has time spent with it daily to ensure it's health both physically and mentally.

New Herd Shares will be available end of April 2017!  Our herd is growing as well as the demand for the "Extra Special" goat milk our Nigerian ladies produce.  I hope to accommodate all interested this year with a "goat load" of milk. 

Please contact us for more information.

970-417-1326 or [email protected]